Story Telling for Leadership, Sales and Marketing

Storytelling as been around as long as man and has four main benefits:

  1. Emotion – Our brains believe that we are part of the stories we hear.
  2. Attention – Stories trigger our brains to release Oxytocin and Cortisol. This is important – find out why!
  3. Belief – You can create beliefs for your audience by showing them how you came to believe the same thing.
  4. Memorability – We simply remember information wrapped in a story better than just receiving the information itself. Up to twenty-two times more memorable!

Customized Keynote Speeches

Rob provides keynote speeches to organizations looking for insight on leadership, sales, communication, connection and gaining trust and rapport.

He will understand your organization’s vision and mission statement, customers, and competition and will relate his presentation accordingly.

Rob will conduct a pre-event briefing with you and/or representatives from your organization to make certain that the content of his presentation is exactly what you need to fulfill your team’s mission and goals.

Communication and Personal Development

Do you want the people in your organization to continue to grow and learn? Of course you do. That is how you grow a business.

As a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer, and possessing over 25 years of leadership experience in sales, holding public office and heading up volunteer organizations, Rob has the necessary qualifications to assist you and your staff in developing their abilities as leaders. Personal development begins with self-awareness and will provide a sense of direction for you or your staff. Grow your people to grow your business!

The Stenberg & Associates Approach

Your desire is to grow your company by growing your people. But how do you do that? Putting that puzzle together is what drives Stenberg & Associates. You want your sales people to fill their sales pipelines so they (and therefore the company) are more successful. You want to grow the potential of your leaders so the company keeps gaining in the marketplace. That is what we want for you. We do this by providing you and your team with the right tools to gain trust and rapport quickly with potential clients.

We help you create stories that will move strategies ahead with buy-in from the rest of your team. We do that by working with you to produce the results you desire. You know where you are and where you want to be. The question now is, how do you cross that chasm? That’s what we can work on together so crossing that chasm is not so scary.

Contact me!

Please feel free to contact me at 218-391-4156. I look forward to providing you and your organization with the tools you want to ensure your success! Click to contact Rob