Storytelling for Sales

Filling the sales pipeline is one of the most important IPA's (income producing activity) of any quota-busting salesperson. How do those sales "eagles" do it? They gain rapport and trust quickly. Most sales managers believe that this is an intuitive skill to these eagles. What we know now is that connection, and gaining trust, can be taught.

Storytelling for Marketing

Are you "pushing" or "pulling" when it comes to the marketing message for your company. Who is the hero of your story? Your company? Your product? How about the customer that uses your product? They really do need to have a seat at the table when looking for a hero. Being able to tell your customers story is crucial in making your marketing stick.

Story Telling for Leaders

As a leader, how do you get buy-in from those on your team? Do you have a new strategy and direction that you need to present and are worried about what the team will think? Will they buy-in? If you have a great strategy story they will. What about additional stories that will help you be a more effective leader and increase your ability to influence? Your staff is crying for these leadership stories...from you!


Gain Trust and Rapport Quickly With Employees and Clients

Being able to quickly gain trust and rapport is crucial to any salesperson or leader. Learn how to take this crucial step when trying to positively influence those in your care. And believe me, your employees and your customers are in your care!

Network More Effectively

Looking to increase your ability to network more effectively? Do you walk into a social function, Chamber gathering or new social situations and feel a bit uncomfortable? Just a few tactics and some basic preparation can make all the difference.


Want To Know More?

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