Rob’s Keynote Address September 24, 2019

Rob at a TED talk type event presenting on why great leaders learn how to tell great stories. If you want to learn a better way to influence, watch this video!

Reactions to Rob’s Keynote Address at NSA Minnesota Meeting

The audience reacts to Rob’s February 18, 2019 NSA Minnesota meeting keynote address.

Keynote Address at NSA Minnesota Meeting

Rob provides the keynote address at the February 18, 2019 NSA Minnesota meeting.

Communication and Goal Setting

Rob discusses the power of connection through effective communication and how goal setting is an element of goal achieving.

Storytelling and Intentional Living

Learn more about how storytelling and intentional living play key roles in establishing relationships and support your efforts to succeed.

Storytelling Workshop

Influence with Story! See how you can influence clients and others through the use of storytelling. Salespeople, business executives and job seekers, as well as anyone looking to increase their influence, can benefit!

Influence with Story – What’s Your “Why”?

This session was specifically designed to discuss working with salespeople on using story to influence customers.