Attitude – It’s not a dirty word!

Here is one more excerpt from my book, “Quick Hitting Sales Tips – Practical Sales Advice That Will Lead You to Sales Success!”

It’s All About Your Attitude

THIS CHAPTER IS NOT the easiest to write. At least, that is my attitude toward writing it. Why? It focuses on one word that a lot of people find unpopular: Attitude. There, I said it. It is unpopular simply because most people don’t want to inspect this trait in themselves to see how their attitude appears to others. Many people become defensive and feel that their attitude is great, even though others would disagree. But, if you want your attitude to remain positive, you need to inspect and work on it every day. It will affect your ability to grow your business; that is evident in the many interactions I have had with salespeople over the years. As you know, just about every market is highly competitive and many are continually volatile. This is where attitude kicks in. Even with all of the markets being so competitive, I have had conversations with sales professionals informing me that they are having record sales years,that the price of their products and services are extremely competitive and the future looks so bright, as the old song goes, they have to wear shades! They tell me that sales are great and of course those are wonderful conversations.

On the flip-side, I have also received emails and phone calls from sales professionals informing me that their business is down, that prices are too high and that selling in the market they are in is too tough. One salesperson I spoke with even went as far as to say he could sell a pound of dirt to an earthworm, but he couldn’t sell the products and his services in that particular market space. What is the difference between these two calls from salespeople in the same market space?? Yep, that one dirty little word: Attitude. This is not something new. Henry Ford said it best: “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t, you are probably right.”

Take those words to heart. Check your attitude everyday!