No New Years Resolution? Pick a Word of the Year!

Over the years, I have pretty much stopped picking a New Years resolution. I’m not sure why. I would do well for a month or two, slack off, pick it back up and then it would seem to slowly fade away. Then I found the “pick a word of the year” approach and really have fallen in love with it!

If you are not into New Years resolutions, you may want to consider picking a word of the year for yourself. And it is never too late to pick that word! Here are just a few tips.

Reflect – on what you want and need in your life. What could you use more of? Less of? What do you want to add to your life?

Visualize – I love the technique of visualization. As a golfer, you use visualization on every shot you hit. You can do the same with picking your word of the year. What do you want your year to look like? What word comes to mind when you see what you want at the end of the year? Sit in silence and think about this for awhile. (By the way, my word of the year, which I will reveal shortly, hit me while I was on a long drive, by myself, listening to music.)

Create a list of words that come to mind. Look up a list of words that inspire, motivate, are positive and focus on those words that you feel fit your view of the year ahead.

Then, review and refine the list of words you have created!
Don’t get paralysis by analysis! Don’t over think the words. If you see a word that makes you think of the growth you would need to see over the next 12 months, and it scares you a bit, take note!

My word of the year is “disciplined.” As I mentioned, I was driving home from a meeting and was thinking about the list of words that I had chosen to pick from for my word of the year. I had just come from a speakers meeting and noticed how many of them approached their business. One of the words on my list popped into my head as I was thinking about these other successful speakers. They were all very “disciplined” in their approach to their business. It is something that I needed to be as well!

So, my word of the year is “Disciplined.” I will be more disciplined in the blog postings on this site (every two weeks), about my health, about my marketing and about focusing on the important relationships in my life. I hope you join me and let me know if I can help you!